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At EviSane, we understand the value of your time and that of your employees. That’s why, with our pest control app, official reports can be created, signed, and sent in less than a minute.

The secret is simple—they are automatically filled in and, in most cases, require no further modification. After that, you can have the client sign them on their smartphone or tablet and send them via email—everything on the go!

By the time you leave your client’s premises, you’ll have all the paperwork fully completed, and the client will have access to them in their private zone in real time. Additionally, applications for highly toxic biocides will automatically appear in your OBBM (Official Book of Biocide Movements).

Situation Diagnosis

Forget about paperwork or the hassle of filling out a report in the office and then coming back to the client’s location to get their signature. Thanks to the best cloud-based pest control app for environmental health companies, EviSane, you can create, sign, and send a situation diagnosis on the spot at the client’s location. Moreover, these diagnoses can be done only when necessary.

With pre-configured data, the reports are automatically filled in. After that, the client can sign them using a mobile phone or tablet, and with just a press of a button, you can automatically send it to them by email. All of this in less than a minute!

Reports are automatically filled in with pre-configured data.
The client can sign on your touch device.

Treatment Certificate

Creating a treatment certificate with EviSane comes with numerous advantages. At the client’s location, you can create, sign, and send the certificate by using your pest control app, all in less than a minute! Afterward, you can easily send the reports to the client with just a click, even attaching safety data sheets for the products used.

Additionally, your Official Book of Biocide Movements (OBBM) will be automatically filled with the movements of your high-toxicity products. The system also allows you to send a prior notice to your client about the treatment to be carried out and the preventive measures to follow.

All these documents and information will be automatically included in your client’s private area so that they can access, sign, or download them at any time.

Create, sign, and send a treatment certificate in less than a minute.
Send it to the client and the relevant public administration with just one click.
Automatically added to the client’s private area.
Direct control over your warehouse stocks.

Monitoring Report

If there’s something revolutionary in this cloud-based pest control app, it’s the way monitoring reports are handled.

You can create custom traps or control points, providing all the information you need for each observed trap in the monitoring reports: Number of captures, bait consumption, observations, deterioration, and much more. You can also create plans or use geolocated Google maps to easily and visually place your control points.

With all this information, along with data collected in previous visits, the application will generate a table and an analytical graph for each trap. All of this contributes to generating a comprehensive report that will be signed by you and your client semi-automatically and in record time.

Place your traps on plans or geolocated maps.
Generate tables of results and visually appealing graphs.
Custom traps or stations, with icons and colors.
Reports signed by you and your client on-site, using a touch device.

Trend Analysis

In EviSane, creating a comprehensive pest control report is easier than ever. You have a dedicated area exclusively for creating these reports, with the frequency of your choice, based on the data collected when examining traps or stations in monitoring reports.

A graph will display the results of captures or consumptions over time, allowing you to filter by trap type or code. Additionally, a table will automatically show various averages and statistical values.

It’s up to you, if you wish, to write interpretive texts based on your experience. These reports will be archived and will appear in the client’s private area.

Represent captures or consumptions over time.
Automatically fill in a table with self-interpreted statistical values.
All docs will automatically appear in your client’s private area.

Signature and Email Sending

The key to efficiency and avoiding oversights or errors lies in automation. The generated document will automatically include the signatures of the technical manager and the applying technician, previously captured and stored, as well as the client’s signature, captured through any touch-enabled device, such as a mobile or tablet screen.

After that, with just one click, you’ll send an email to your client with all the generated official documents, as well as safety data sheets for the products used if applicable. Everything signed by the applying technician, technical manager, and your client.

Additionally, all these documents will automatically appear in your client’s private area, organized and always accessible. What are you waiting for? You need a pest control app like EviSane! 😁

The signature of the technical manager and the applied technician automatically attached.
The customer’s signature is captured via a touch screen.
Send signed documents to your clients with just one click.

Official Book of Biocide Movements

As our primary goal in adding functionalities is to advocate for process automation, filling in each line of your OBBM will take you just a few seconds in your pest control app.

When you specify that one of your products is highly toxic, it will be automatically directed to your Official Book of Biocide Movements every time you use it in a treatment certificate. You only need to specify the quantity of product used and its batch.

Organizing and managing your OBBM for temporary periods is extremely simple. Choose the applications from which days, weeks, or months you want to display, observe the application, transfer, and acquisition data shown by the system, and print it.

Afterward, it’s as easy as taking your record to the competent authority for sealing. Forget about pens and paper thanks to EviSane.

Your applications, automatically added from the certificates.
Add your transfers and acquisitions of products in a couple of clicks.

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At EviSane, we work daily to streamline tasks for any company dedicated to pest control or environmental health. Among our priorities is ensuring that all documents generated by our software are fully compliant with national and European regulations. Thanks to this commitment, the distinguished European association CEPA has awarded us their seal.

By obtaining the CEPA CERTIFIED PROMOTER seal, we not only highlight the quality and practicality of EviSane for companies in the sector, but we can also certify that the processes carried out in our software comply with the UNE-EN 16636:2015 standard, which we actively promote. Therefore, by using EviSane, your company will operate according to the principles of the European professional standard and may be eligible to obtain the CEPA CERTIFIED seal.