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Key Features

Situation Diagnosis

Generate an official diagnostic report. Thanks to preloaded texts, it’s generated, signed, and delivered in 1 minute.

Monitoring Reports

Control capture and bait stations, graphics, one-click report generation, and interactive plans.

Treatment Certificates

Easily create an official treatment certificate. Semi-automatic and signed on-site. Based on EN16636.

Customer Loyalty

Clients will find their documents and all their information centralized in their private area.

Legionella Logbook

Planning a legionella logbook is very convenient. Additionally, clients can fill it out digitally.

Cleaning Certificates

Thanks to the legionella module, you can create official cleaning certificates with treatment control.


Generating a maintenance plan and completing daily data will only take a couple of minutes each day.


Manage sample collections, laboratory analysis results, and generate reports for your clients.


Control your income, expenses, collections, direct debits, electronic invoicing, and much more.

Contract and Visit Management

Efficiently manage your contracts and plan your visits, assigning one or more technicians to each job.

Smart Routes

Optimize your time and that of your employees with automatic route creation, visible on a geolocated map.

LOMB (Biocide Record)

Record and control data related to the use of your biocides and forget about this tedious task.

Risk Assessment

Complete data collection and automatically generate risk assessments and possible corrections.

Warehouses and Vehicles

Manage your multiple warehouses, vehicle stocks, and all the traceability of your inventory.

Incidents and Chat

Improve communication with the incident management module and the powerful internal communication chat.

For your company. For your clients.

EviSane is much more than cloud-based software tailored for pest control and environmental health companies; it’s also designed for your clients.

We have developed a powerful private area for your clients with all their information centralized, organized, and accessible at any time, from anywhere, using any device.

Automatically, all documents or information related to them will appear: your technicians’ certifications and training, company certificates, the calendar of scheduled visits, laboratory results, invoices, quotes, and much more.

Additionally, your clients can easily and quickly fill out their legionella prevention and control books and their HACCP food safety self-controls.

Moreover, your suppliers and employees will have their own comprehensive private area.

All documents are automatically added, organized, and centralized.
Access is as easy for your client as using their email and password.
Available at any time, from anywhere, and with any device.

Find out why 19% of companies in the sector already trust us


19% Market Share

Endorsed daily by an increasing number of satisfied companies, find out why they recommend us.

Always at Your Service

You will never be alone with us. Enjoy telephone and email support whenever you need it.

24/7 Help Center

Benefit from a practical, extensive, and powerful help center with manuals and videos, available 24 hours a day.

From Anywhere

As cloud technology, you’ll be able to use EviSane from anywhere and with any device.


Automatic, daily backups stored encrypted to keep your data always safe. Trust us your data with peace of mind.

Increase Your Profit

EviSane is designed to increase the profitability of your company; you’ll notice it from day one.

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At EviSane, we work daily to streamline tasks for any company dedicated to pest control or environmental health. Among our priorities is ensuring that all documents generated by our software are fully compliant with national and European regulations. Thanks to this commitment, the distinguished European association CEPA has awarded us their seal.

By obtaining the CEPA CERTIFIED PROMOTER seal, we not only highlight the quality and practicality of EviSane for companies in the sector, but we can also certify that the processes carried out in our software comply with the UNE-EN 16636:2015 standard, which we actively promote. Therefore, by using EviSane, your company will operate according to the principles of the European professional standard and may be eligible to obtain the CEPA CERTIFIED seal.