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Perhaps you haven’t realized it, but you’re using numerous cloud computing tools in your workday daily. Checking email, sharing a large file with Google Drive, or listening to a song on your Spotify playlist have become mechanical acts that save you time and effort without you even noticing. Technology makes many daily tasks easier, often thanks to the cloud. Working in the cloud is very simple; you just have to create your account through the browser, and the servers take care of storing your information so you can access it from anywhere, 24 hours a day, using your mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

EviSane, the most specialized software for pest control and environmental health companies, works entirely in the cloud, allowing its users to connect to their workspace from home, on vacation, or even stuck in traffic. Any work-related contingency is resolved as long as you have an internet connection at hand. But this is just the icing on the cake; keep reading to find out why working in the cloud is in your best interest:

1. Complete flexibility in your work schedule

Working without the need to be at your desk has never been easier. The flexibility provided by cloud computing is the main reason why more and more users are switching to cloud-based programs. And it’s no wonder, because a cloud software allows you to connect to all your information regardless of whether you are in the office or not; you just need a device (of your choice) with an internet connection. Thus, forwarding an invoice that a client requests at eleven o’clock at night is as easy as entering your username and password on your phone from the comfort of your couch at home and pressing a couple of buttons, something unthinkable just a few years ago.

The total independence of the workspace, the hourly freedom to access your data, and the geographical flexibility provided by cloud applications are the three fundamental pillars on which to begin building the autonomy of your company.

Working in the cloud allows you unlimited access to your data at any time of the day, from anywhere, and with any device. Create new documents and send them within minutes thanks to the freedom of the cloud.

2. Unlimited storage capacity

With a cloud software, downloading programs and their corresponding updates directly to your computer are a thing of the past. Suddenly, your PC starts to become faster and more efficient thanks to the memory savings on its hard drive. The cloud provides unlimited storage space, which improves the working conditions of the device by removing a large amount of information from its database and reduces the need for computer maintenance.

In this way, working in the cloud helps your company avoid many of the dreaded computer failures that would have previously resulted in the loss of all stored information. If your desktop computer were to stop working for any reason, accessing all your data would only take a couple of clicks from the browser of any other device.

Economize space on your personal computer, extend its lifespan, and avoid losing all your information by working in the cloud. As many documents as you need are always available on the web, 24 hours a day.

3. Reduced cost: Significant economic savings

If you’re the owner of the company, this will interest you. Have you ever stopped to think about how much you spend on licenses for your software programs and their mandatory updates? Well, a significant portion of that money could be saved by working with a cloud-based application: There’s no need for downloading or installation, no need to pay a license for it, and you don’t have to update it every two months. On the contrary, cloud-based programs are more cost-effective, as updates are immediate and maintenance is handled by the provider. Not to mention all the paper you will no longer need or the need for more advanced computers that meet the requirements of desktop programs.

In the case of this type of software, for a small monthly fee, your employees will use their online workspace without having to download anything, they will receive numerous free improvements, and they will benefit from the immediacy and flexibility of these programs, saving them time and you money.

A cloud-based program does not require payments for expensive downloads or updates over the months. Save time with immediate software, pay a small monthly fee, and forget about exorbitant expenses.

4. Security of your data and that of your clients

At this point, there are still users who distrust the cybersecurity of the cloud. However, its immediacy and encryption make this language a tough nut to crack. Cloud-based programs perform automatic backups every few minutes, so even if you think you’ve lost your work from the last hour because you hadn’t saved it, it’s likely that the software has done it for you. Additionally, the encryption protocols of your data and that of your clients must always comply with current legality.

Access to the documents you store in your cloud software is completely private, so you will always be required to enter your database with a personal username and password. Likewise, we emphasize the second advantage by reminding you that your data will not only be protected from other users but also from the possible loss or damage of any of your devices.

Breathe easy with your documents safely stored thanks to cloud software. All collected data complies with current legality and persists even if any of your devices break.

5. Geographical and social connectivity without barriers

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages if your company operates in multiple locations and requires collaborative work among your employees. Data stored in a cloud application travels around the world at the speed of light, so if a worker in Seville needs to share a document with a colleague in Bilbao, the cloud will simplify this process and share the document in real-time (less than a second). Being entirely virtual, the workspace platform facilitates communication and connection among your employees at any time and from anywhere.

Additionally, shared access to one or multiple files allows multiple workers to work on it simultaneously and edit or correct any errors on the fly

Connecting your employees with each other has never been easier. A cloud-based program allows multiple users from different parts of the world to share and collaboratively edit files and documents.

If your company is dedicated to pest control and environmental health, and you think all these advantages could fit perfectly into your workflow, why not request a demo of our software? It’s completely free and will allow you to see how EviSane works and everything it can do to improve your profitability.

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