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EviSane is a pest control program for environmental health companies where simplicity is crucial. That’s why generating an invoice, quote, or electronic invoice is child’s play: In less than a minute, any of these documents can be created, signed, and sent to the client. Additionally, you’ll be able to control your company’s expenses and customer payments with a couple of clicks. Discover cloud-based billing within EviSane.

Do you have many clients that you invoice periodically? Thanks to the “Recurring Receipts” functionality, you can keep track of recurring payments and generate direct debit files, which, when sent to your bank, will direct debit the invoices to your clients and deposit them in your bank on the next business day, following the SEPA European standard. EviSane also includes a powerful commission manager, allowing you to create settlements for your salespeople in record time.

Moreover, everything related to the stock of your warehouses and vehicles will be perfectly traceable from the billing module. Also, control the overall count of your sales, expenses, or net profits per month through the statistics area.

Define your services y articles

Define all your services and items in your pest control program, including their price, applied tax, discount, barcode, commission…

You can even specify the cost and assigned agent for that product or service, to later estimate net profits and find new ways to maximize your profitability.

Once you have these services and items defined, creating an invoice, delivery note, quote, or proforma invoice will be incredibly easy and fast thanks to automation. Additionally, you can keep very detailed control of your product stock through your warehouse.

Create your own catalog of services and items with their price, applicable tax…
Specify, if you wish, the cost for your company for each of these services.
Assign agents to be able to analyze net performance.

Agile and powerful billing

Generating an invoice, delivery note, quote, or proforma invoice is convenient and straightforward. You just need to start typing the concept, and if there are matches with any saved item or service, you can choose one, and all the data will be loaded: Concept, description, price, and VAT. Also, to make the task easier for you, you can use a barcode reader.

Of course, you can always specify concepts not saved before and modify their quantity, price, discount, or applicable VAT. You will have complete freedom to tailor it to your needs whenever necessary.

If you want, you can assign concepts to one or more technicians to later perform performance analyses.

Additionally, this invoice, delivery note, quote or proforma invoice will automatically appear in the client’s private area of your pest control program.

Select a concept from the saved services or products or use a barcode reader.
Complete your invoice with concepts and other data not saved in the catalog.
All billing documents available in the client’s private area.

Generate your receipt remittances

Do you work with periodic invoices to collect your maintenance fees? You’ll be glad to know that in EviSane, managing your recurring receipts will take just a couple of clicks.

You only need to save the billing frequency of the services your clients subscribe to. EviSane takes care of the rest. Plus, you’ll always find your periodic invoices available in the Billing module.

After that, it’s as easy as selecting the invoices you want to collect and generating a remittance, allowing you to obtain a SEPA direct debit file to upload to your online banking in just a few seconds.

And, if that’s not enough, EviSane allows you to export these recurring invoices and incorporate them into your main billing or accounting software (in case you work with another invoicing or accounting software).

Generate your periodic invoices in a couple of clicks.
Get your SEPA direct debit file and upload it to your bank.
Export your recurring collections to other accounting software.

Billing and Expense Control

In a business, it’s not all about profits. Keeping track of sales is important, but so is monitoring expenses.

Do you have clients who don’t pay the full amount of an invoice in a single payment? That’s where a billing control system comes in. This system provides detailed information about the timing, payment method, and amount of each payment made by a client. This way, you’ll always know how much they owe and which items correspond to that amount.

In EviSane, you can also manage all your expenses through the “Payments” or “Supplier Invoices” feature. Additionally, you can easily upload the original invoices or receipts for each expense, ensuring they are always stored securely in the cloud.

Record the timing, payment method and amount of each payment.
Monitor your payments to suppliers and daily expenses.
Easily attach original invoices or receipts.
Access performance analysis and statistics.

Electronic Invoicing

Do you work with public entities and need to generate all your invoices electronically? We have the perfect solution for your company.

As you may know, creating electronic invoices can be a lengthy and tedious process, but thanks to this powerful feature in EviSane, you can convert any invoice created in the software into an electronic invoice with just a simple click.

Select the invoices you need, generate their electronic counterparts, download them, digitally sign them, and upload them to the FACE platform, all in less than a minute. Simple, isn’t it?

Generate electronic invoices in just a few seconds.
Download them to digitally sign with the corresponding program.
Upload them to the FACE platform in just a few seconds.

Statistics, Commissions, and Accounting Export

In EviSane, we have features that sometimes go unnoticed, but they set us apart as software that pays attention to details. In this case, we’re talking about statistics, commissions, and billing export—tools with great potential for automation and process simplification.

Would you like to know which employees or clients are more profitable? Check your billing statistics to better assess and optimize your resources. Do you work with sales representatives? Generate commission reports based on a few filters that will automatically calculate the extra amount corresponding to each employee.

If you’re looking to connect your current billing or accounting software with EviSane, you’ll be pleased to know that you only need three clicks to export all your invoices to your preferred accounting software or send them to your accounting firm.

Real-time graphs and statistics for total control.
Generate commission reports for your employees within seconds.
Export your billing to your favorite accounting software or firm.

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At EviSane, we work daily to streamline tasks for any company dedicated to pest control or environmental health. Among our priorities is ensuring that all documents generated by our software are fully compliant with national and European regulations. Thanks to this commitment, the distinguished European association CEPA has awarded us their seal.

By obtaining the CEPA CERTIFIED PROMOTER seal, we not only highlight the quality and practicality of EviSane for companies in the sector, but we can also certify that the processes carried out in our software comply with the UNE-EN 16636:2015 standard, which we actively promote. Therefore, by using EviSane, your company will operate according to the principles of the European professional standard and may be eligible to obtain the CEPA CERTIFIED seal.