Planner and Contracts

Manage your contracts, expiration dates, renewals, and scheduled visits

Planner and Contracts

Manage your contracts, expiration dates, renewals, and scheduled visits

Discover the best software for pest control and environmental health companies

Plan your work and that of all your employees

Maximize the profitability of your time

EviSane, your legionella and pest control software, provides powerful features to facilitate the planning of your daily tasks. Our goal is to save your time and that of all your employees, thus maximizing the profitability of your company.

Any appointment or visit you create and assign will appear in real-time on your technicians’ agenda. They can mark their appointments as attended and generate the required official reports directly from the agenda.

You will also be able to configure your appointments and maintenance directly from your service contracts, controlling their expirations, renewals, and billing amounts at the same time.

Contract Management

With software like EviSane, creating and managing your service contracts will become child’s play. Stand out from the rest of the pest control and environmental health companies with your Contracts module.

From within the contract itself, you’ll be able to define the contracted services, manage periodic invoices, schedule visits to various facilities, and automate your clauses. Afterward, it’s as easy as sending your contract via email or allowing your client to read and sign it from their private area. You can even set them to auto-renew!

The flexibility of our software allows you to choose what to show to the client in your contracts: services, scheduled appointments… Everything is configurable based on the needs of your company.

Plan your work and that of your employees with contract management.
Everything you create in your contract will be editable in other modules as well.
Manage visits and service costs for all of your client’s locations.

Interactive Map Calendar

Manage your appointments and those of all your employees from anywhere and at any time. The program adapts perfectly to your screen to always offer you the best user experience.

Moreover, you’ll be able to activate an interactive map that displays the real-time location of your technicians and the facilities to be visited, making route planning easier than ever.

Need to check your client’s details without wasting a second? In your calendar, you have various ways to view contact information such as the phone number or email of the contact person without leaving your appointment.

Maps to monitor the location of technicians and appointments.
Switch views to manage date or technician changes.
Check client contact details without leaving the calendar.

Generate Official Documents

In EviSane, everything has been optimized to automate and reduce work times as much as possible so that you can focus on what really matters—your business.

That’s why creating a site diagnosis, treatment certificate, work report, cleaning certificate, or any other official report is straightforward, and you can even do it right from the calendar.

Thanks to pre-configured texts, it will literally take you less than a minute to generate any report. Moreover, the client can sign it on-site using any touch-enabled device, and it will be instantly available in their client zone. Alternatively, you can also send it to them by email with just a click.

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Recurring Appointments

In the integrated calendar of EviSane, you can create recurring appointments with impressive flexibility and power.

You can create appointments indicating that you want to visit a client every other Tuesday or on the 7th day every three months. Moreover, you can set an expiration date or specify that it ends after 5 visits.

Of course, all these recurring appointments can be edited separately without affecting the others. The options are limitless—spend a minute creating a recurring appointment and rest easy.

Assign an appointment for each day of the week or day of the month.
Specify how often this appointment should repeat.
Set an end date, if applicable, either by a specific date or a number of visits.

Internal Chat and Incidents

We understand that a company operates better when its communication is more fluid. To record any interaction with colleagues or clients, you have access to the internal communication chat.

You can type, record voice messages, share photos and videos, upload PDF documents—all in real-time without leaving EviSane, so you don’t have to mix work with personal life.

Moreover, you can receive incidents opened by your clients directly in your agenda from their private zone. Another easy and fast tool that will allow you to gain efficiency when scheduling unexpected appointments.

Communicate with your colleagues and clients through the internal chat.
Send images, videos, voice notes, PDFs, etc.
Receive last-minute incidents and schedule them in less than 10 seconds.

Appointment List

In EviSane, we’ve considered every detail to save you time and effort. Therefore, if what you need is to download an overview of the scheduled work for the upcoming week, fortnight, or month, we offer the “Appointment List” function.

You can fully configure the list of visits to suit your needs. Simply filter by dates or, if you want to specify further, you can filter by technician, by client, by type of appointment, and more. This way, you’ll obtain a plan that is as accurate and personalized as possible.

Finally, download and print the resulting appointment list and distribute it among your employees or post it on your bulletin board.

Create appointment lists by filtering the information you want to display.
Print or send the list to your employees with their scheduled appointments for the coming weeks.
Quickly and easily modify any appointment data for better organization of your planning.

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Discover the best software for pest control and environmental health companies

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At EviSane, we work daily to streamline tasks for any company dedicated to pest control or environmental health. Among our priorities is ensuring that all documents generated by our software are fully compliant with national and European regulations. Thanks to this commitment, the distinguished European association CEPA has awarded us their seal.

By obtaining the CEPA CERTIFIED PROMOTER seal, we not only highlight the quality and practicality of EviSane for companies in the sector, but we can also certify that the processes carried out in our software comply with the UNE-EN 16636:2015 standard, which we actively promote. Therefore, by using EviSane, your company will operate according to the principles of the European professional standard and may be eligible to obtain the CEPA CERTIFIED seal.