Key features

Find out the standout features of the best software designed for pest control and environmental health companies, accessible from anywhere with any device

Key Features

Organiza y planifica la agenda de todos los técnicos

Discover the best software for pest control and environmental health companies

iMac y móvil diagnosis de situación - Software para empresas de control de plagas y sanidad ambiental en la nube

Discover what EviSane can do for your company

Much more than just pest control and environmental health software, EviSane‘s primary goal is to improve the profitability and efficiency of your company through process automation and simplification.

Fully specialized in the sector, you can generate documents in official formats such as situation diagnoses, treatment certificates, monitoring reports, cleaning certificates or trend analyses. It will also enable you to manage your contracts, HACCP self-control plans, risk assessments, legionella prevention and control plans, integrated invoicing, warehouse management, scheduling for all your technicians, all in one ERP!

Discover a world of possibilities, enjoy working without printing a single document, and be amazed at the incredible time savings when completing your tasks in your pest control software.

Did you know that our customers rate us with an overall score of 9.04 out of 10? Moreover, 98,3% of them recommend us!

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Client Area

Build customer loyalty with added services that set you apart from your competition, such as this private client area.

Here, they will find all their information centralized and organized: The official documents you’ve generated, information on products used, legionella prevention and control plans, and HACCP plans to fill out, a calendar with scheduled visits to their facilities, invoices, trend analyses, your technicians’ certifications, and more. All presented automatically on a modern, attractive, and minimalist platform. Additionally, they can open incidents, message you through the internal chat, create their own measurement reports, and much more.

Your clients can easily access their private area, needing only their email and password to access all their documents anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

All generated documents are added automatically, in an organized and centralized manner.
The client can fill out their HACCP self-control plan and legionella prevention and control book comfortably.
Invoices, product safety data sheets, technicians’ certificates… Automatically available.

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Contract Management

With a pest control and environmental health software like EviSane, creating and managing your service and maintenance contracts, deadlines, and renewals will be a breeze.

From the contract module itself, you can define the services to be provided to your client, manage periodic payment receipts, plan all visits that your technicians must make to different facilities, and automate the clauses to be signed. Additionally, all these pre-configured contract details can be auto-renewed with a click.

Stand out from other pest control and environmental health companies by giving your clients the option to accept and sign contracts electronically.

Program periodic receipts/invoices for the services to be provided.
Schedule appointments at your client’s facilities and modify them as needed.
Easily manage deadlines and renewals.
Get your client’s signature electronically or on-site, as needed.
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Appointment Calendar

EviSane is a pest control software that goes beyond pest and environmental health management; its main goal is to maximize your profitability through process automation and streamlining.

Therefore, it features a powerful integrated calendar that allows you to manage your appointments and those of all your employees in real-time, with interactive maps to geolocate your technicians and the facilities to be visited. It has a highly graphical design, with columns for each technician, colors for each type of appointment, and the option to create periodic visits.

It also offers a monthly, weekly, and daily view, along with direct access to client contact details, eliminating the need to navigate away from the appointment. Everything you need to minimize the time spent managing your daily tasks.

Interactive maps for real-time geolocation.
Ability to create and edit separate periodic appointments.
Generate any official document directly from an appointment.
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Pest Control

Effortlessly generate situation diagnoses, treatment certificates, monitoring reports, trend analyses, and much more, all in an official format according to the European standard (UNE 16636).

In less than a minute, you can have any official report completed, signed, and sent to the client. How is this possible? The secret is simple: all documents are intelligently autofilled with pre-configured data that often only requires a review.

Furthermore, in our commitment to saving you from printing, this module has a powerful functionality that captures your client’s signature through a touch device, mobile, or tablet. You can send it to the client with just one button press.

Reports automatically filled in thanks to pre-configured data.
The client can sign on your touch device, mobile, or tablet.
Products, traps, stations, species, treatments… Fully configured by you.
Send everything to the client via email in seconds with just one button press.
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Legionella Control

Performing a risk assessment for your client is now incredibly simple with EviSane. Within the assessment, you can gather data for each installation, upload plans, automatically calculate whether the installation is at risk or not, and establish relevant corrective measures (which can also be automated).

After this, generating a cleaning and disinfection certificate will take no more than a minute, as you can pre-configure treatments based on the treated installation, indicating the protocol followed and the products used. Additionally, you’ll have the option to add measurement parameter records (such as pH or temperature) regularly over a set period.

But that’s not all because configuring a prevention and control book for your client and allowing them to perform periodic maintenance from their private area is entirely agile and intuitive.

Create risk assessments by installations and associate cleaning certificates and prevention and control books.
Prevention and control books can be filled out from the private area.
Cleaning and disinfection certificates can be automated thanks to pre-configured treatments.
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Integrated Invoicing

EviSane is much more than pest control and environmental health software; our goal is to increase your profitability by saving you time. Therefore, generating an invoice, delivery note, budget, or proforma and sending it to your client will only take a few seconds. Do you charge recurrently in many cases? Easily control your periodic receipts month by month.

Moreover, within each invoice, you can keep track of payments to know when, how, and how much each client has paid you. You’ll also have the option to generate electronic invoices and upload them to FACE whenever you need to.

Prepare commission reports for your salespeople, manage the stock of your warehouses and vehicles, control your expenses, and check your statistics to know your company’s performance at all times.

Generate invoices, delivery notes, and budgets comfortably and quickly.
Issue electronic invoices for FACE.
Manage your periodic receipts; you won’t forget to collect a payment again.
Warehouse management, commissions, statistics, expense control…
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HACCP Self-Control Plan

When you start using EviSane, you’ll see for yourself that configuring and creating the plan for your HACCP book won’t take more than 5 minutes. How do we do it? We assure you that pre-configurations will become your best allies.

The first step in your pest control and environmental health software is to configure and save the parameters that need to be measured, as well as the facilities your client will inspect. Then, get ready to distribute all these saved data in the calendar in a couple of minutes, as the system already knows how often each installation is evaluated and what elements need to be checked in each one.

We also offer the option to add your company’s verifications in the planner. If you assign these visits to a technician, EviSane will schedule an appointment in their calendar, and they can enter the results directly from the appointment. Finally, both you and your client can generate result reports based on certain filters to provide to inspectors.

Preconfigure parameters and facilities to be evaluated in the HACCP plan.
Give your client access to their private area to take measurements daily.
Create measurement reports with the obtained data, filtering according to client or inspector requirements.
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Sample Laboratory

EviSane integrates a comprehensive laboratory that allows you to create collection notes for samples and analysis result reports quickly and conveniently, with the option to use an external or in-house laboratory.

You can define types of samples, consisting of a set of parameters with maximum values, units, measurement methods, and much more. Thanks to these pre-configured sample types, analysis result reports can be generated in less than a minute.

Furthermore, in line with our goal of saving you time and maximizing the profitability of your company, we have developed a powerful signature capture system. Your client can sign on the touch screen of your mobile or tablet, and this signature will be automatically incorporated into the generated documents.

Create collection notes for samples and analysis result reports in a simple and flexible way.
Preconfigure sample types with a set of parameters to generate analysis result reports in less than a minute.
Capture your client’s signature with a touch device, and it will be automatically added to the generated PDF.
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Warehouse Management

At EviSane, we want to ensure that your needs are fully covered. Therefore, we have implemented a comprehensive warehouse module that allows you not only to track your inventory in as many locations as you configure but also to automate data such as batch/expiry, transfers or acquisitions for the Official Biocide Movement Log or products that are already open or “in use.”

With the warehouse tool, adding new product stock in our pest control and environmental health software will only take you a few seconds. Additionally, you will have complete freedom to move that stock between your technicians’ vehicles as needed. The interconnection of warehouses with other modules of the software allows the automation of product applications during visits to your clients and the direct transmission of these movements to the OBML.

You can also configure different vehicles (which are nothing more than mobile warehouses) and assign them to one or more technicians, so that when they are working and preparing treatment certificates and other official documents, they will only have access to the stock available in their assigned vehicle.

Your applications, automatically included from the certificates.
Incorporate your transfers and acquisitions from your purchase and sales invoices.
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EviSane is designed to increase the profitability of your company; you’ll notice it from day one.

Discover the best software for pest control and environmental health companies

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At EviSane, we work daily to streamline tasks for any company dedicated to pest control or environmental health. Among our priorities is ensuring that all documents generated by our software are fully compliant with national and European regulations. Thanks to this commitment, the distinguished European association CEPA has awarded us their seal.

By obtaining the CEPA CERTIFIED PROMOTER seal, we not only highlight the quality and practicality of EviSane for companies in the sector, but we can also certify that the processes carried out in our software comply with the UNE-EN 16636:2015 standard, which we actively promote. Therefore, by using EviSane, your company will operate according to the principles of the European professional standard and may be eligible to obtain the CEPA CERTIFIED seal.