Legionella Control

Certificates and maintenance logs in one minute

Legionella Control

Certificados y libros de mantenimiento en un minuto

The most specialized software for legionella control and pest control companies

Legionella Control

Rentabiliza tu tiempo y evita errores

EviSane is a specialized software for legionella control, laboratory, and pest control companies. Creating cleaning certificates, logbooks, or assessing the risk of your client’s installation is incredibly fast and straightforward.

You can define legionellosis control treatments based on the treated installation, specifying commonly used products and the protocol followed to maximize automation of the official document. Are prevention and control plans giving you a headache? With EviSane, this task becomes child’s play thanks to preconfigurations of measurement parameters and installations to review.

And if all that wasn’t enough, our system can generate the entire risk assessment report for you in a couple of minutes based on the data you enter for each installation. Based on this, both the evaluation score and corrective measures will self-populate like magic. To make your task even easier, in EviSane you can save templates to save a few minutes on each new document.

Risk Assessment

At EviSane, we strive to make your life easier, aiming to minimize the time spent on complex or tedious tasks. To achieve this, we leverage our best features to automate anything repetitive or formulable mathematically.

Creating a risk analysis for a DHW installation, for instance, won’t take more than a few minutes. You can add custom texts with plans, tables, photographs, and gather the necessary data to determine whether the installation is at risk or not. We take care of the calculations and select the correct option, as well as instantly auto-fill corrective measures based on regulations.

Want to make changes? Absolutely! Remember that EviSane adapts to your working style, not the other way around.

Generate a comprehensive risk assessment in a matter of minutes.
The final document is available in your client’s private area in real-time, and you can also send it with just one click.

Cleaning Certificates

Once you have defined your treatments, generating an official legionella cleaning and disinfection certificate will take you less than 30 seconds.

Specify your client, the location where you perform the treatment (if there is more than one), and select the Treated Installation/Treatment, which will gather data from pre-configured treatments.

This selection preloads the protocol to follow and the products used, already saved in our catalog. You just need to review that everything is correct and save the certificate. After that, it will appear automatically in your client’s private area. Additionally, you can attach images to the certificate, directly from your mobile or tablet.

Finally, if your client requests measurements of any parameter during, for example, three hours, you can always create them associated with your cleaning certificate. You can specify these results by time intervals.

Choose one of the treatments configured previously, so that in less than a minute your certificate will be ready.
The final document in an official format is available in real-time in your client’s private area.
Incorporate measurements of parameters for the period you need.

Prevention and Control Book

We are determined to automate the most tedious tasks at all costs, allowing you to save valuable time that you can invest in acquiring new clients and new projects.

That’s why now, creating a legionella prevention and control book will seem like child’s play. Always addressing your specific needs, you will be able to configure the elements and parameters that your clients need to measure in their installations just once. After that, it will be enough to distribute them on the calendar with the frequency you decide.

Later, your client can conveniently add the results from their private area, at any time and place using a mobile device. Additionally, you can also distribute verification measurements (performed by your employees) that your technicians can complete from the same agenda.

Save controls, such as faucets or accumulators, and distribute them on a calendar.
If you save verification appointments, your technician can incorporate the results from their agenda.

Measurement Reports

If after a few months of conducting their own measurements (daily, weekly, etc.), your client requests a report with the results of, for example, all the faucets in their installation, with EviSane, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time.

How do we do it? With a powerful algorithm that allows you to filter by specific dates, type of installation, measured parameters, and results obtained (whether they are within or outside the legal limits). In a matter of seconds, you’ll have your list of filtered results ready along with the names and signatures of those who took the measurements.

Finally, you’ll be able to add an interpretative text if necessary. If not, simply print or email the document, and you’re done. Don’t forget that your client will find their report in their private area in real-time.

Create reports with the results obtained from one or several installations in a specific time period.
Your list of results along with the names and signatures of those who took the measurements.

Client Private Area

EviSane not only provides you with a powerful ERP for managing clients and official documents, but it also offers the option to provide your client with an exclusive and practical private area where they will find all the information related to your treatments in their installations.

And if that’s not enough, from this private area, your client can access daily to complete their Legionella prevention and control book. How does it work? Simple, you create the planner from your account, and in real-time, your client has it available on any of their devices. Every day, EviSane will notify your client that they need to measure certain elements to keep the book updated according to the law.

This tool will allow you to know if the client is incorporating measurements into your book, if they do it on the stipulated day, if they save results that exceed the limits allowed by law… Your client’s daily work, always under control from your Legionella module.

Provide your client with access to their private area to fill in daily measurements.
Monitor daily if measurements are being taken in a timely manner.
Capture the name and signature of your client, as well as images to be included in the measurement.
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Signature Capture and Sending

At EviSane, we advocate for eco-friendly practices and want to prevent unnecessary printing, saving you time and money while improving overall company organization.

Therefore, signing an official legionella cleaning certificate, a measurement report, or an entry in the control and prevention book is as easy as asking the client to sign on the screen of your touch device, mobile, or tablet. Their signature will be automatically saved and included in the generated PDF.

Afterwards, we can send any of these documents by email to both the client and the relevant municipality or organization, all with just one click!

Capture your client’s signature using the touch screen of your device, mobile phone, or tablet.
Send certificates and reports to your client and the relevant organization with just one click.

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Automatic, daily backups that are stored encrypted to ensure your data is always safe. Trust us your data.

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The most specialized software for pest control and environmental health companies

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